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Bad Plumbing Idea

So, I have mentioned this before and after seeing and grumbling about it for 6 years now I finally fixed it.  Let me explain. Advertisements

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Master Bedroom Progress

So, the window budget arrived and a gift of some surplus drywall from a neighbour and we are back to working in the master bedroom.

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November Thoughts

Yes, the weather is warm at the moment.  And I know what everyone is thinking – How is Will making out with that curtain?  Well… Actually in the home stretch now on having a nice entry hall.

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I call all the closets in this house the smallest rooms with the most work.  It feels that they take forever despite their size. I do have a master plan

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Window Restoration Part 1

Below is text from an article I wrote in November of 2012.  It was published in the Central Brittany Journal.  

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Railing Work

I have this habit of starting a project before I’ve finished the last one.

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Hanging Curtains 2

To continue with our hallway door curtain …

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Hangin Curtains

So, we went to IKEA to buy some curtains to hang in the front hall in front of the entrance door to knock down some of the draughts that come through the front door.  A standard trick in an old … Continue reading

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Finally finished

I look at all the work that has been done so far and there always seems to be one or two small corners left un-done. So, when I built the closet under the stairs I was determined to stick with … Continue reading

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Job Update

Well, the short update is that nothing is done yet. We get asked a lot about the “timeline” of work and when will the house be done. I still haven’t come up with a concrete answer to that, but I … Continue reading

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