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Eight more

This past year I went on a fact finding mission about beekeeping and Andrew went on a fact finding mission about chickens and other fowl. As interesting as beekeeping is, Andrew won the coin toss and now it is fresh … Continue reading

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Still Alive!

This July marks the end of our fifth year here.  Lately lots of people here have been asking why the house is not finished yet.  I thought I would follow my usual answer (it will never be finished) with this … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day

I think every day should be earth day.  There shouldn’t be a moment when we are not considering the impact our actions have on the earth.  This is our home. I have spent the last number of days working on … Continue reading

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Hallowe’en 2012

Hallowe’en is not a big thing in France.  The grocery stores seem to have some costumes and candy displays and the Newspaper always has pictures of school children all dressed up – but the door to door thing just doesn’t … Continue reading

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Visitors 2

In May, Dorothy-Nana-Elizabeth’s Mom, visited us for a few weeks.  The weather managed to be nice despite all the rain through April.  “Nana Visits” are always fun as there is a good mix of the time just enjoying the house … Continue reading

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Hands On Learning II

In our Toronto home I built the kitchen cabinets from scratch – the boxes, the face frames and the counter top (out of maple).  This time around, because we wanted to have a finished kitchen before I was old, we … Continue reading

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