How about those Doors

No, not the musical group, my inside doors.


Constructed of oak, 30 mm thick, no nails, just wooden pegs and some tight mortise and tenon joints and still hanging strong. Continue reading

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I call all the closets in this house the smallest rooms with the most work.  It feels that they take forever despite their size.


I do have a master plan Continue reading

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Still Alive!

This July marks the end of our fifth year here.  Lately lots of people here have been asking why the house is not finished yet.  I thought I would follow my usual answer (it will never be finished) with this post about our dearly departed Chestnut Tree.

grand house adventure

I wrote earlier about how it had died.  Click HERE to see that post. Continue reading

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Reclaimed tile patio France Grand House Adventure

We have established a habit of sitting in our front yard at tea time as the afternoon sun hits a particular corner Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day

I think every day should be earth day.  There shouldn’t be a moment when we are not considering the impact our actions have on the earth.  This is our home.


I have spent the last number of days working on a drainage project. Continue reading

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Death of a Tree

IMG_0435Well, our favorite Chestnut tree has fallen.  It came down in the night just after Christmas. Continue reading

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Christmas Trees

This is our 5th Christmas here this year.  I remember the first one and how difficult it was to find a tree – now everyone is selling them (perhaps we started something).  Anyway, this year I was having a bit of difficulty with the tree because it has a very thick trunk. Continue reading

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Window Restoration Part 1

Below is text from an article I wrote in November of 2012.  It was published in the Central Brittany Journal.   Continue reading

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Railing Work

I have this habit of starting a project before I’ve finished the last one. Continue reading

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October Strawberries

Having just come out of our 5th September here, I can happily say that all have been spectacular in the weather department.  If you want guaranteed great weather, forget July and August, travel in September – the weather is great and the crowds are less…

Anyway, down in the garden today chasing the slugs out of the strawberry patch I managed to gather these…

Grand House Adventure

October Strawberries

It reminded me of all the work we have done here so far and that some of it serves up delicious things such as this bowl of strawberries (yes, I gathered these TODAY, really!).

Now, about that curtain.  Since another winter approaches I am determined to get it hung.  What is left to do – repair the plaster arch, repair and re-render the plaster walls and ceiling, re-finish and replace the original flooring, strip and paint the wainscoting, strip and paint the doors and trim and probably a few electrical dances as well.  Just a few things and a whole pile of distractions in between – but more about those distractions as I progress.  The goal is to be done by Christmas and have a grand unveiling party when the usual suspects return to Jugon for the Christmas fete!

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