My Corner Office

I’ve watched enough TV shows and movies in my life involving business, corporate life, lawyers and all that.  There always seems to be an underlying theme of “the corner office”.  Who is in it, who gets it when it becomes vacant, what a view and all that.


I was helping a friend the other day install some windows on his house here in Jugon beside the lake and thinking about a recent show and the arguments over a corner office.  As the sun beamed in my face and I was able to look out over the lake a thought occurred to me – this is MY corner office.

It is mobile, it is here at my place while cleaning up fallen trees, climbing scaffolds to install roof windows, fixing fireplaces.  It is also at other places while helping friends install windows or cut hedges on the side of a cliff.  It is in the woods while cutting firewood.

Thinking like this makes my work more enjoyable – I am no longer cold and wet out in the woods gathering fuel for next year.  My fingers no longer ache from pulling things apart or stuffing mortar into small cracks.  The scaffold doesn’t seem so dangerous and the roof doesn’t feel that high – the hedge is not so big.  The task is not so daunting.  The view and the feeling is inspirational – increases productivity and pride for my finished results.

I guess that is my point of this post – re-think your place of work.  Take a look at its positive points – look out the window or down the hall.  Perhaps you may not have the corner office but maybe you are closer to the coffee room.  Accentuate the positive, feel good.  It produces energy and renewed productivity.

A few pictures to support my thoughts- I’m sure you will be able to figure out the activity in each.

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One Response to My Corner Office

  1. When I tell people you know how to do everything – they think I’m exaggerating! Ha ! And then there’s painting, plastering, plumbing, making dinner…. xxx

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