Lost Arts

Technology is a wonderful way to discover lost arts, for example, how to make a thatched shelter, how to make wooden pegs for timber framing and how to make charcoal.  This last one appealed to me particularly as it is now summer and I have an abundance of wood around so why not try and make my own.


So, off to you tube and voila – too many videos.  So, I picked a very simple technique of surrounding the wood in a mud mound and burning it that way.  I had visions of being able to barbecue everything from breakfast to tea for the whole village.  If you are interested go check out “primitive technologies” – this guy does all kinds of things with very little.

Anyway, a valiant attempt.  I know what I did wrong.  However, given the amount of time I put into this project I am thankful for the corner store and my smartphone where I can watch other people make their own whilst relaxing in my backyard.

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