Master Bedroom

Believe it or not, despite the size of the house, we are all still sleeping in the same room.  Most other rooms are “in progress”.

our bedroom

For the master bedroom, I removed all of the plaster on the two outside walls.  I am replacing this using a traditional method of mixing hemp in with the lime.  This provides a wall surface that behaves like traditional materials should – it breathes.  And please do not confuse the term “breathe” with “drafty old house”.  Drafts are from air movement and can even be present in new homes (badly installed weather stripping, poorly fitted doors, badly insulated roof vents etc etc) where as breathing is a material’s ability to vent itself or dry off excess moisture (and usually without producing a draft).

The hemp mixture will also provide a level of insulation.  I find this a much better solution than trying to build a box in a box and losing some floor space.

This is also putting my skills to the test as I have not done a lot of plaster work in the past.  I have taped and plastered drywall joints and can produce a very smooth result but a whole wall is going to be a real test of my trowel skills.

So, a picture gallery to show some results – Hilary thought she was coming for a Christmas vacation but pitched in anyway, all good fun with plaster in one’s fingernails…

And just one more thing – you’ll notice one of the pictures is a “Bad Plumbing Idea” – more about that in a future post when I get around to fixing it.

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5 Responses to Master Bedroom

  1. E says:

    Looking great – let me know when I’m supposed to start picking out paint chips & pull the silk I bought all those years ago for the curtains, out of moving boxes… Your Ever So Patient Wife (who is wildly proud of your trowelling skills – just look at those walls!)

  2. dorothyknits says:

    It’s looking good! I can hardly wait to see the “finished” room.

  3. Christa Bisanz says:

    All good things come to those who wait. Elizabeth you are a very patient woman!

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