Eight more

This past year I went on a fact finding mission about beekeeping and Andrew went on a fact finding mission about chickens and other fowl.


As interesting as beekeeping is, Andrew won the coin toss and now it is fresh eggs everyday.  They (the eggs, not the chickens) make lovely cakes, pies, crepes, galettes and breakfast.  And we have stopped talking about “wings and a ceasar”.  It is quite something to look out the window and see them scratching around in the orchard.  I have even re-defined the moves for the chicken dance – perhaps one day a family video, ha ha ha.

We planned for six, got sold on seven and a frequent flyer program at the chicken farm landed us a free one (yes, really – here in France it is called a “carte fidelité”).  Andrew chose 4 sussex, 3 leghorns and the freebie is called a transylvanian naked neck.

He has names for all of them, Ariana Fluffington, Aradia, Pomona, Epona, Artemisia, Ostara, Athena and Fortuna.  Probably the happiest chickens on the planet.

(Clicking on the first image below gets you to the slideshow…)




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