November Thoughts

Yes, the weather is warm at the moment.  And I know what everyone is thinking – How is Will making out with that curtain?  Well…

Basement View

Actually in the home stretch now on having a nice entry hall.  When we bought the curtain a few years ago, it wasn’t just to knock down drafts and look nice, it was to be the start of the hallway project so that people wouldn’t necessarily think they were entering a construction site – once past the hallway they could get this impression.  You can see my previous posts on this work in the hallway here and here.

At the moment I am removing paint off of the second last door – 5 doors in total – and getting that ready for final paint.  It is about 2 days of work with a heat gun, sand paper and scrapers to get all the old stuff off   Any wood repairs add to this time – see my post on doors.  The wood flooring is back in place just waiting for final adjustments, some sanding and stain/varnish finishing.

The picture below is the tiling I did in the first part of the entry (yet to be painted and grouted).  Originally this was wood but I figured that with all the years of wet boots and shoes coming in a more impermeable material would be a good fit.  These tiles were from the walk-through hallway under the stairs and various other places in the house including a small pile in the basement.  They are clay tiles, hand made and dried in the sun.  Just before drying the manufacturer’s cat must have decided to go for a stroll and left some paw prints in the fresh clay.

Anyway, I am confident that the curtain will appear by the end of this month – yippee!


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One Response to November Thoughts

  1. Christa Bisanz says:

    My Superman Son! Wow, hats off to you. Love

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