Bois de Chauffage

For the inexperienced – that’s Fire Wood.

I know in Canada fuel shows up in a truck or just arrives through a pipe.  Here, I do it differently.

Do you forget that there are 14 fireplaces – now only 10 (I closed 4 of them).  I’m sure back in the day the house had a dedicated “Fire Boy”.  I know at Christmas when I have 3 fireplaces going it is dangerous to give me anything because out of habit my hands will through it on the fire.  It is all I can do to keep up.

However, I will say there is nothing like a fireplace and a warm blanket to relax in.  It is worth all the gathering, cutting, splitting and lighting to enjoy that moment.

So, here is how my fuel arrives….

IMG_2016 IMG_2022

And the result when it ends in the fireplace…


PS Double click on the pictures to get a bigger view…


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One Response to Bois de Chauffage

  1. Matt Clarke says:

    Save some for us!!!!

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