I call all the closets in this house the smallest rooms with the most work.  It feels that they take forever despite their size.


I do have a master plan and there is an order to things that get done around here.  However I do have a habit of starting a lot of projects and then leaving them for a while to start other projects.  There are also the usual distractions that require my attention like trees falling down, the normal day to day inside and outside maintenance, gardens to tend and all other manner of things like that daily thing of earning a living.

I started this closet in June 2013.  Despite so many other grand projects to do like kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms sometimes you need to address the storage situation.  Two years later and I think I got this one.

There was a lot of damage in and around this closet.  the floor was wrecked, the support posts had sagged and the exterior stone wall was in sad shape in a few areas not to mention the usual worm eaten wood problem.

So the usual pull everything apart, assess needs and then re-build or restore using as much of the original material as possible.  You can see in the second picture how the upright post had sunk and caused the walk through to be somewhat arch like.  As there is about 3 to 4 metres of stone wall sitting on top of this post I decided to leave it where it is but provide better support underneath with a new concrete floor.

The outside wall I pointed and re-chinked any loose stones and then attached a brick wall to it.  The bricks I had in the basement from the stairwell closet demolition.  It made a nice sturdy inside wall to attach shelves to later.

I managed to re-use some of the shelving wood on the top two shelves but had to switch to plywood shelves on the bottom – most of the original wood was suffering from a lot of wood worm damage, so out it went.

Voila, the finished product – on the inside anyway.  The outside walls will be repaired when I get back to this room later.  Oh, and just for interest, this closet was likely the wine cupboard as the paper stickers on the door indicate years and types of wine (1908 Bordeaux, 1925).

IMG_5808IMG_5805 IMG_5810IMG_6900IMG_6899IMG_3400

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One Response to Closets

  1. Jim & Betty Hunt says:

    Great job! There is no end to fixing up a home; always something needing to be done.
    Wish we could come for a visit. Maybe one day….
    love to all, Betty & Jim

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