Still Alive!

This July marks the end of our fifth year here.  Lately lots of people here have been asking why the house is not finished yet.  I thought I would follow my usual answer (it will never be finished) with this post about our dearly departed Chestnut Tree.

grand house adventure

I wrote earlier about how it had died.  Click HERE to see that post. However, as it fell still attached to its roots and the earth it didn’t really die, just became a horizontal tree.  In fact, it even blossomed and came into full leaf.

I have spent about 5 full days in the last month cutting it out of the air space above the river.  A difficult and dangerous job.  I spent the winter months looking at it, planning my approach, wondering about safety.

I will not post any details about the exact work that went on as I really don’t want people to try what I did at home.  I also do not want to worry my Mom.  I included one picture with the ladder suspended across the two banks just to show off…

Anyway, my point is that this is why the house isn’t finished yet – not only renovations to do but also the usual ongoing maintenance as well as special projects like this tree.  And as you can see there is still a lot of work to do before this tree is cleaned up and cut, split and stacked.  Not expecting anyone to start playing a violin for me, just saying….

IMG_3014 IMG_3013IMG_3015


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