Reclaimed tile patio France Grand House Adventure

We have established a habit of sitting in our front yard at tea time as the afternoon sun hits a particular corner, just in behind the front stone wall.  We have been sitting in the grass and I have always wanted to put in a nice patio (rather than the chair legs sinking into the grass all the time) using the clay bricks that I have saved from various wall demolitions.

Fast forward to now and with a recent visit from Mom and Brian the vision has now come to reality.  We had quite the crew working on this project.  I cleaned the bricks of the old plaster and mortar, Brian’s careful eye kept things level and ensured interesting brick placement, Andrew assisted Brian & acted as chief sand manager.  My Mom added some helpful input  (I should mention she is a recognized Master Gardener) for some plantings and rock garden ideas in the corner.  The patio is now ready for – well ready for whatever, rest, relaxation and libations.

You can see what this area used to look like by taking a look at my previous post here.  The pictures above and below show the finished area.  Now we are just waiting for the plants to grow and flower and make it look colourful – perhaps a follow up post in August.

Reclaimed tile patio France Grand House Adventure


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One Response to Patios

  1. Christa Bisanz says:

    Oh to be having a glass of red wine on the patio!

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