Happy Earth Day

I think every day should be earth day.  There shouldn’t be a moment when we are not considering the impact our actions have on the earth.  This is our home.


I have spent the last number of days working on a drainage project.  Not specifically for earth day, but I have considered all the benefits of this project to the earth – less water in the basement so no electricity usage on a pump, less humidity so no necessity for a dehumidifier and a drier warmer basement so less consumption of heat in the cooler months.  And perhaps even a more efficient distribution of rain water to where it is needed.

Mother earth must have been pleased with my efforts because we have had two weeks of glorious April weather – no clouds, lots of sun and lovely temperatures. – to be working outside.


A few pictures to share with you.  The first one above is of our lovely purple wisteria.  The second  profiles our 200+ years old pear tree in full blossom and the one below of the two monkeys playing around in the trench with the landscape fabric – kids, the things they do.




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2 Responses to Happy Earth Day

  1. Christa Bisanz says:

    Well Done! Gorgeous picture of you pear tree, not to mention the Wisteria. Why do you think there was another wall at the side of the house?

  2. chris says:

    The Wisteria is spectacular. Wish it would grow like that here.
    The kids are pretty cute too!

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