Death of a Tree

IMG_0435Well, our favorite Chestnut tree has fallen.  It came down in the night just after Christmas.  Thankfully it did not hit the house or do any other serious damage.  Part of the top did land on our little bridge and bent a few railings, but that is all.

This tree was very beautiful when in bloom and provided a lot of the shade for our back patio.  It will be missed.

As you can see from the pictures, it has fallen and suspended itself over the river.  Removing this is going to be very difficult and dangerous.  It is a 3 metre drop to the water and right now the water is at its highest and fastest.  I will have to wait until late May or June to finish clean up.

The silver lining of course is that this part of the yard will now get more sunlight – perhaps opportunity for more veggie garden and such.  The other silver lining is that it will provide us with a lot of fuel for the house a few winters from now.  Perhaps I can get some of it in considerable length to send off to a mill and get some lumber back to use somewhere in the house.

The first picture is not the greatest but shows you this tree from behind it.  The rest are of my cleanup efforts so far.

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2 Responses to Death of a Tree

  1. Matt says:

    I’ll have some firewood!!!

    Glad no one was hurt and no damage done…. See you later in the year.


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