Railing Work

I have this habit of starting a project before I’ve finished the last one.  Some projects get started and then I get frustrated with it and decide to move onto something else for a bit.  An example of this is the railing on our little balcony on the front of the house.  I first looked at it 2 years ago and decided that there were too many layers of paint on it and before I applied anymore it would be best to remove and start fresh.


I tried a number of different methods – chemicals which just left things in a gooey mess, mechanical means (wire brushes on the end of a drill) which just couldn’t provide 100% removal and manual removal.  The best method was with a box knife and just chipping away the old paint (I went through a lot of blades).  A very very very slow process.  So I would chip paint for a few days and then go off and do other things.  However, I thought that the detail in the iron work was worth exposing.

IMG_0411 IMG_0410

In any event, I finally finished applying new paint this past September.  I figure that I put about 120 hours in total to get to the one coat of paint.  I will apply a second coat this spring 2015.  I decided to wait for the spring just to allow any rust spots to show up which I will remove before the second coat.


Now I am happy to say that with the restoration of the front 4 windows, a new door on the second floor, a painted front door and a freshly painted railing that the exterior of the front of the house is now DONE!


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3 Responses to Railing Work

  1. Matt Clarke says:

    You have the patience of a Saint Will!!!

  2. Christa Bisanz says:

    Wow! A beautiful chateau at last!

  3. The Stiddies says:

    Look’s amazing Will. Your house is going to look fabulous all lit up for Christmas. Only 32 more sleeps, can’t wait.

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