October Strawberries

Having just come out of our 5th September here, I can happily say that all have been spectacular in the weather department.  If you want guaranteed great weather, forget July and August, travel in September – the weather is great and the crowds are less…

Anyway, down in the garden today chasing the slugs out of the strawberry patch I managed to gather these…

Grand House Adventure

October Strawberries

It reminded me of all the work we have done here so far and that some of it serves up delicious things such as this bowl of strawberries (yes, I gathered these TODAY, really!).

Now, about that curtain.  Since another winter approaches I am determined to get it hung.  What is left to do – repair the plaster arch, repair and re-render the plaster walls and ceiling, re-finish and replace the original flooring, strip and paint the wainscoting, strip and paint the doors and trim and probably a few electrical dances as well.  Just a few things and a whole pile of distractions in between – but more about those distractions as I progress.  The goal is to be done by Christmas and have a grand unveiling party when the usual suspects return to Jugon for the Christmas fete!

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4 Responses to October Strawberries

  1. Matt Clarke says:

    They just need a spoonful of English double cream!!!!

  2. chris says:

    Wow! Pretty beautiful looking. Hope they were delicious!

  3. Aunt Eileen says:

    Mmmm we r heading out to pick apples arround here. Lv e

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