4 Years !!!!

The month of July marked the end of our 4th year here – WOW, time sure does fly by, we must be having fun!!

So, I thought I would show you some pictures from that first July and then link you back to older posts where you can see some progress – just as a refresher.  Then, stay tuned for more news on that blessed curtain in the front hall.

Leaving Toronto….


Elizabeth and the two Babes on the front steps for the first time around 10 pm on July 9th  (click on the links below each picture to see the posts about related improvements)…


The Painted Front Door

The front yard – really?



Driveway gravel

The roman walkway…

Front Garden Before

Roman Walkway

Discovering outdoor features…


Ponds and bridges

A tired looking facade…



A potential spot for a kitchen…


Kitchen update

I hope you enjoyed my trip back through 4 years.  I am asked quite often about the time line of my plans and when things will be finished….  My standard answer is that We’re not finished yet and fasten your seat belt, things are going to continue to be interesting…



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2 Responses to 4 Years !!!!

  1. How I miss you guys!! Love seeing this progress… so inspiring. Let me know when you have a room for rent (haha)!

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