Jugon Floods

Dam - Grand House Adventure


Along with England, Northern France is having its moments as well.  A few week ends ago, we woke up to a flooded town and high water levels.  I took some pictures to share with you.  Although our house is on high ground, the river does surround us.  I worry about the stress on the riverbanks and hope that our house doesn’t slide to low ground.

This first picture is of the river behind our house.  Underneath all the water you see is our small dam.

Dam - Grand House Adventure


The river around us was very high – my tourism idea of launching Kayak adventures just wasn’t quite ready yet.

Grand House Adventure

High water

Pond - Grand House Adventure


Just four short years ago in April 2010 (the month we bought the house) Jugon had flooded as well.  One of the boulangeries had just opened then.  So this is his second time of serving soggy bread.  The picture below is of the passageway between his shop and the Marie (Mayor’s office, Town Hall).

Marie - Grand House Adventure


A few more pictures of the Church and surrounding area.

IMG_7930 IMG_7919 IMG_7908 IMG_7901 IMG_7900 IMG_7933

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