The smallest room with the most work

Now that the kitchen has been moved out of the front room, the next task is to move the washer and dryer out of the front room into their own establishment too.

Some time around 1952 (I know this because the newspapers used to fill voids before application of plaster and such are dated June 1952), a side entrance to the house was filled in and a bathroom put in place of this entry hall.I have since pulled this bathroom apart to move the toilet across the hall to the space under the stairs and put the washer and dryer where the toilet used to be.

I titled this post as the smallest room, because it is, and with the most work, because it seems there has been and will be.  I have had to pull apart the plaster on the outside wall to repair some cracks.  I have demolished the shower in order to repair the dividing wall between the shower and the salon.  I have had to strengthen most of the floor beams underneath with “sister” beams.  I have had to remove and repair some of the stone work in the walls below as well as repair some of the wood flooring.  I have demolished the ceiling for purposes of insulating it.  I have had to re-route some of the old electrical which supplies the second floor bathroom.  This electrical work will eventually come from the attic panel, but for now, I have to keep what is there.  I have had to provide for some future electrical work around and above this room and for some future TV, Stereo and other media needs in other rooms adjacent.  I had to replace the main water supply to the third floor and move it off the outside wall to the inside wall.  The original pipe looked like a dogs breakfast and the pipe was not a consistent size between the basement and the attic – it started out as 12mm, then to 14mm, then to 18 mm, then back to 12mm, then to 16mm – I think you get the idea.

What I haven’t done yet is re-work the main plumbing drain in the basement to accommodate the washer/dryer drain and the new location of the toilet.  When I do this I will also repair a small leak in one of the joints in the main drain as well.  I haven’t done anything on replacing the shower stall and I will need to put new flooring on both sides of the hall – under the stairs and in the existing bath space.

And on top of all that, there are so many corners and small spaces that finishing the drywall/plaster with mud will be a real treat – no long strokes with the trowel, just lots of short runs and corners to deal with.  I also have two different types of wall finishes – the outside wall is traditional lime mortar and the interior work I have done is finished with drywall (plaster board as the Brits call it here, or placo platre en Francaise).  So, as usual a few pictures to show progress, which is slow at the moment (I’m sure the violins are out in full force at the moment).

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2 Responses to The smallest room with the most work

  1. Aunt Eileen says:

    How goes the laundry room progress? This sounds like a huge job!! E


  2. Lisa carrow says:

    Hi everyone, great to hear from you and glad you’re having such a good trip. Love to the Schofield’s and see you next week.

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