A Bloggin’ Family….

Lately, it’s been pretty nice outside & I’ve been taking every opportunity to get out & continue working on the garden.  I think it’s looking quite good, although every time I finish mowing the lawn, I have to start all over again…

Grand House Adventure - Garden in France

I have been taking pictures as I go along but haven’t had a chance to sit down & post about it all — have no fear, it’s all on its way.

Homeschooling in France - Grand House Adventure

In the meantime, I thought I’d give you something fresh to look at.  Elizabeth has been blogging away on her blog, Handwork Homeschool, where she’s recently written about our life around here.  

Even Andrew has gotten into the act.  He’s started a blog about his adventures with tools, wood & making things at Andrew Works . He designs all of his projects, makes them, takes the photos & edits them.   It won’t be long before he can write the posts too.

He would LOVE some new followers !

Woodworking for Kids - Grand House Adventure
Arabella is too young to work on the computer BUT after having watched Elizabeth setting up photos for her blog, decided to do a “shoot” of her own.  She chose these precious items all by herself, arranged them & even took the photo !

Ara's photo shoot - Grand House Adventure
As you can imagine, there’s some pretty stiff competition going on around here for computer time but we make it work. 

Until next time,


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2 Responses to A Bloggin’ Family….

  1. Margie Loomes says:

    Hi Elizabeth & Will, I have enjoyed your blog & photos of your beautiful house & garden.
    I am Margie, partner of Steve who met you a couple of years ago when he was helping Ken
    (Aka Monty) !
    We will be visiting Ken & Jayne in August this year so I’m looking forward to seeing all the lovely sights and sipping a glass or two in the cafes.
    Margie & Steve.

  2. Matthew Clarke says:

    HI Guys,

    Very jealous……. Sunshine in Jugon…Wish we were there!!

    Garden looks good….enjoy.


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