Finally finished

I look at all the work that has been done so far and there always seems to be one or two small corners left un-done. So, when I built the closet under the stairs I was determined to stick with the room until it was totally finished – floor, trim, paint, lighting and shelving. This job was part of the beginning of the work to fit a toilet under the stairs and move the washer and dryer into a utility/shower room.

The most difficult part of this job was removing the brick wall from underneath the staircase. This wall had a buckle in it near the bottom. Due to space limitations I couldn’t just knock it down. So, I started brick by brick. After a few layers of brick came off the top gravity (because of the buckle) took over and it fell on me and my ladder. The ladder was at such an angle that it started to head for the electrical panel. To save myself from being part of an electrical event and as I had two hammers, one in each hand, I decided that space limitations aside, it was best to just start smashing and keep the ladder up right. After the noise died down a bit, there was the customary call from Elizabeth – “Are you OK”?. In hindsight, I suppose that some temporary bracing would have helped. One has to realize that demolition is a very tricky business, it is not all just smash and crash.

Anyway, I also developed a nifty trick for insulating the large hole in the floor where all the wiring comes through from the basement to the electrical panel.  Looking at it, I knew that this hole would constantly leak cold from the basement. So, instead of trying to insulate around each wire, or as I have commonly seen, point a spray bomb of foam at it, I built a wood box to fit underneath it between the joist spaces. Now each wire comes into this box and then through to the electrical panel. Each wire enters the box underneath by its own separate tiny hole, which I then silicone around to seal out air leakage. The box itself is also sealed between the floor joists so it doesn’t leak air either. Cool eh?

So, a few pictures of my work here.


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