Job Update

Well, the short update is that nothing is done yet. We get asked a lot about the “timeline” of work and when will the house be done. I still haven’t come up with a concrete answer to that, but I usually provide a polite shrug of the shoulders and a confident “I don’t know”. And now I’ve realized that if I wait until a project is done to post about it…

Looking back on 2012 there were certainly many things that didn’t involve an actual “project” but certainly took time and effort. We continue to “tame” the yard and garden (have I mentioned before that things here grow all year round): the car finally got its first bath since 2010 (seems every time I think about it, it’s raining): we grew some of our own vegetables this year in our garden (we had to make the garden first with sod removal and such): some more of the ancient electrical runs have been replaced and hooked up to the new panel: bits and pieces of more insulation have been added here and there: my workshop was set up in the basement: firewood is an ongoing collection effort, both from outside sources and from the tree trimming in the yard; a tree overhanging the house in a threatening way was safely removed (ya hoo, more firewood); continuation of some projects including a new bathroom/laundry room and the back master bedroom and on top of all that we do tend to live a bit and enjoy our surroundings (Sunday is a day of rest and family time).

So, there you have it. Stay tuned for further updates on projects, some interesting facts about hemp, interesting pictures as I have now figured out how to do a “panoramic” picture with the camera (including 360 degree), more visitors, more French and more Life!!

The pictures are from some of the areas mentioned above.

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One Response to Job Update

  1. Peter lorenz says:

    Looking good! I’m sure it will be ready before Men’s Night night starts!!!!!! 🙂

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