More Visitors

In August, my Mom and her partner Brian arrived for their first visit here. They arrived Thursday evening. By Friday morning they were already well into the Jugon life – Friday morning market, coffee at the Bar Tabac, meeting and chatting with most of the locals and the sun even managed to shine for a bit too.
The touristy part included numerous visits to chateaus, a bread festival which also included old farm machinery and cider making, ocean visits to St Cast and St Malo and a few tours of Dinan including the large Thursday morning market.
But, all fun and no work would just not make for a full experience of life here. As Mom and Brian are both knowledgeable and accomplished gardeners, I put them to work on the outside. Mom handled a lot of the fine tuning of the gardens including helping Andrew build his skills in his vegetable garden by the back of the house. At her suggestion additional sunshine was allowed onto our main vegetable garden with the removal of a few trees. Brian and I also tackled cleaning up the side yard where the little wood house and the entrance to the basement are. We excavated out a lot of old material and put in some drainage tile, some fresh stone and took out some of the severe slope by adding a step. And of course it also included running some electrical service to the little wood house which I have been planning to do since we arrived (no more stumbling about in the dark collecting firewood).
At the conclusion of their visit in mid September, my sister Chris and husband Tim dropped in for a few days. More wine, food and local sites were enjoyed by all.
The pictures are some of the highlights.

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2 Responses to More Visitors

  1. Hello Will;

    I met Monty a few weeks ago while we were on the Camino de Santiago. He left Santiago de Compostella sometime around June 3rd to pursue an idea he had as to how to get home to France. As you may know, Monty is not one to let the lack of advance planning get in the way of a great adventure so he set off confident that there must be a way of getting there from here. My question is , Did he make it?

    During one of our beer o’clock moments he mentioned your grand house adventure. At the time I wondered if he meant it was a grand house or a grand adventure. After viewing your photos I see that is is both. Congratulations and I look forward to following your progress.

    As for my own humble abode, I shall be scaling the roof tomorrow for its annual cleaning. Such is life in the west coast rain forest.

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