A New Year’s Message

I have been fretting lately about my lack of “posts” and such. Particularly around Christmas I thought it would be nice to post best wishes for the holidays to all who stop by here. I have no idea how that didn’t happen. So, then my next idea was to post a simple New Year’s message – so here it is. The French seem to celebrate the turning of the year for the whole month of January with this pastry dish called “galette des rois” or King cake. It is a cake size pastry and included in it somewhere is a small porcelain figurine of a King or Queen – the person who finds the King or Queen in their piece gets to choose who will be King or Queen for the day. I’m sure there is more to it than that but that is my take on it so far.

So, I don’t feel late with this message, just thought I would save it for last. So, Happy New Year everybody!







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2 Responses to A New Year’s Message

  1. Matthew Clarke says:

    Happy New Year guys….. Look forward to sharing a glass or two in 2013……

    P.S Save me some cake!!!!!

  2. earthboys says:

    Beautiful photos Elizabeth, so wonderful to see you :). Looks like you all had a “merry” Christmas, a pretty tree! I love your little kittens, they are adorable. Did Santa bring those to? We had to get cats in Dominican Republic because there were so many rats and mice. I would have mice crawling over me in the night and biting my toes. The cats got rid of them in no time, even the tarantulas went away. Have fun with the kitties. 🙂

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