Mice Traps

After trapping a few mice the way in which they will never come back, the kids and I decided we would try and be friendly to our furry friends.  So, we bought a trap that would allow us to relocate them from our kitchen to the garden or the wood pile.  Well, the door on this trap has a fairly quick strong hinge on it, so the first little guy in lost part of his tail.  He seemed to be OK, so out to the wood pile he went.  We have discovered that there is a well worn path from the wood pile through the basement right back to our kitchen because the second night who should be in the trap again but the little guy with a short tail.  We have relocated him about 5 times now.  We even put him across the river and somehow he managed his way back – go figure!!

Someone told me that the smell of cats would help drive the mice away.  So, guess what we did.  Introducing the latest additions to our french family – Minerva and Llewellyn.


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2 Responses to Mice Traps

  1. We found that mice got their tails trapped in the humane mouse traps too. And they will definitely come back inside unless you carry them a very long way away! I hope Minerva and Llewellyn, who are completely adorable, will be better at indoor mouse catching than our mongrelly six! They’re brilliant outdoors, always pottering by with a hapless victim in their jaws, but if we let them inside to deal with visiting rodents, they promptly go to sleep on the sofa and ignore any scurrying noises. Hopeless!
    I’m having a blog hop on 12.12.12 since April’s went so well and hoped you might join in again. The sign up form is here http://www.bloginfrance.com/2012/christmas-blog-hop-2/

    • Matthew Clarke says:

      Made me chuckle thinking about the tailess pest coming back for more!!!!! Unfortunatley if he finds his way to Rue Du Four it may be his last stop!!!

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