Hallowe’en 2012

Hallowe’en is not a big thing in France.  The grocery stores seem to have some costumes and candy displays and the Newspaper always has pictures of school children all dressed up – but the door to door thing just doesn’t seem to happen.  The little tea shop down the street from us had a person in for a few hours doing make-up for kids for 2 euros per face and she was busy.  I guess they all went home after their make-up was done, ate a chocolate bar and then off to bed.

Meanwhile, the Canadians are prowling the streets looking for a door that actually might get answered – the best bets are the ones that don’t have the shutters drawn over them yet.  And yes, it did rain here too.

Anyway, the kids managed a few smiles and a few treats and haven’t lost their enthusiasm.  This is their 3rd Hallowe’en here.  Andrew agrees with the idea of perhaps just having a big party next year with games, music, candy and all sorts of fun and frolic (perhaps a few creepy things could spring forth from the darkness of the orchard……..).

Some pictures of the construction boy and his princess.

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3 Responses to Hallowe’en 2012

  1. Can we come to your halloween party next year? Miles would love it 😉

  2. We were used to enthusiastic Halloweens in Ireland so the kids were rather disappointed with the best that France could offer when we first got here. We’re very rural with only one elderly neighbour, not suitable for trick and treating, so I go over to our gite and the kids come and call on me there. Honour satisfied! We also have a party tea with suitably creepy food!

  3. Matthew Clarke says:

    Great Pics guys!

    We are over this weekend so hopefully catch up then.


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