Visitors 2

In May, Dorothy-Nana-Elizabeth’s Mom, visited us for a few weeks.  The weather managed to be nice despite all the rain through April.  “Nana Visits” are always fun as there is a good mix of the time just enjoying the house and yard and the time spent visiting local sites.

When Nana visits, knitting is part of the theme.  Andrew knit a horse doll all by himself (Nana helped him put it together), Arabella managed to learn a few stiches and a few blankets and sweaters were produced and/or repaired.  Personally I have to say that there is nothing quite like the feel of a sweater knitted by someone you love (socks too).

One of our outings was to Fort La Latte.  You can google this castle and see all the wonderful information about it.  Visiting it includes a very panoramic view of the Channel and surrounding countryside.  There is also a lovely little outdoor café that you can stop in at after your tour and sip local artisan beer or coffee, tea and enjoy an icecream.

We look forward to when Nana comes again next spring!

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