Time is an interesting thing.  Seems the summer has passed by with lots of rain and cool temperatures.  Also seems that a lot of time has passed since my last post.  No reason, just hard to sit down at the computer and spend time thinking about life here.  I will detail a bit more in the next few posts.  However, nothing really exciting about the house, just lots of work done that will not get noticed – insulation in the basement, paint on the outside doors, lots and lots of garden and yard work.  I guess I got caught up in the feeling that a job needed to be done before I would post about it.  However, as I often joke about DIY projects, it is true that there are 50,000 jobs started and none of them are finished.  But, work progresses and that is the way it is.

We have had lots of visitors including Elizabeth’s Mom, Dorothy, in May and  my Mom and her Partner, Brian in late August and September and then my Sister Chris and Husband Tim in September.  Having family visit and see the house “in person” helps to make this venture seem real – a 3D perspective.  Again, more about those visits later.

To keep you interested, future posts will detail a design of my own for insulation and draft-stop of the French wiring system, a dangerous complication with the river and the ravine behind our house and a few new members of the family.  Sounds exciting, stay tuned. 

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One Response to Time

  1. christa Bisanz says:

    How nice to get a comment from you on our Canadian Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family. I will, like you, make comments later about our visit with you in France. I have been toting my pictures everywhere! What a grand time we had with you! Love Mom and Brian.

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