A Hidden Water Feature Unearthed

It has been raining here almost everyday since the beginning of April – not all day, but rain at least once or twice during the day.  With the nicer weather this past week, I have turned my attentions to the outside.

Today I finished making the little patio (still covered with a thin layer of sand) and stone wall around our newly discovered pond in the yard west of the house across the river.  The pond is filled by a natural spring which originates about a kilometre north of the house.

All the material for this project came from the piles of stone that I have around the property.  The big stones on the bottom of the wall were “re-cycled” from the door and window lintels that I had repaired earlier.  Thankfully, they were split in two, otherwise I would have never been able to manouvre them from the basement to the pond on my own.  However, a man and a dolly can move many things.

Still to do – some clean up of the surrounding landscape, a tube for the ditch beside the pond so we can fill this in and level out the yard and naturally some plants, trees, some garden areas and grass.  Some cushions for sitting on top of the little wall whilst enjoying one’s favorite libation will be the finishing touch.

The slide show progresses from “hacking back the jungle” stage (in the third picture you should be able to see the stones underneath the foliage) to discovery, excavating (by hand of course), diverting the water with some pipe and the finishing of the stone work.  We are looking forward to enjoying another part of our yard in the warmer months to come that used to be covered in brambles and stuff.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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6 Responses to A Hidden Water Feature Unearthed

  1. Martha B says:

    Incredibly lovely.
    Back breaking as well.
    Cheers from a warm and beautiful Ontario late spring day….
    and a roofing nightmare almost redone!

  2. Aren’t our babies cute ? ( A mother is allowed to comment, isn’t she ?) Bises

  3. Aunt Eileen says:

    Sweet..looks likely took a lot of work..fish would be cute , my round pool is a little bigger …haha

  4. What a great discovery to make in your garden. You have brilliant little helpers!

  5. Finally, months after the expat blog hop, I have managed to sit down and enjoy reading. I love this discovery of the pond – how beautiful it will be. I can just imagine those cushions on the wall on a balmy summer evening. Enjoy!

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