Hands On Learning II

In our Toronto home I built the kitchen cabinets from scratch – the boxes, the face frames and the counter top (out of maple).  This time around, because we wanted to have a finished kitchen before I was old, we decided to go with the IKEA product – solid, affordable stuff.  And the nice thing is that kids of any age (even in their pajamas) can participate in the assembly (I apologize to all of those out there who seem to have trouble assembling IKEA stuff).  And yes, despite the size of the hammer, Arabella DID NOT hit my thumb.  Notice Andrew’s hammer which has a thin end which is designed specifically for starting small nails without hitting one’s thumb.

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2 Responses to Hands On Learning II

  1. Val says:

    Looks wonderful Will !

  2. Aunt Eileen says:

    looks like lots of fun! I’m glad your thumb is surviving the adventure…WOW your hair is curlly Will! is this Elizabeths’ ” Cully,Larry and Moe” building crew?? LOL

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