Kitchen Beginnings

There are two basic ways to approach renovating houses – old or newish.  One can go all out and throw a crew at the job and get everything done all at once or One can go a little bit at a time – either one room or several.  In either case it is always a good idea to have a master plan.  Particularly with the second approach, a master plan will reduce the chances of having to rip out parts of a recently done first floor project to run wires to a current project on the second floor.

Once we announced to family and friends that we were embarking on this adventure there were numerous queries about our plans for the house.  My usual answer was “I have no idea, I am just flying by the seat of pants at the moment” or sometimes I would say “having been in the house for all of 1 hour before buying it I was really flying by the seat of my pants and will wait til I can actually stand in it for a few more moments”.  These answers certainly did not make anyone feel that I/We had a grip on reality or had a “Master Plan”.  Anyway, after having arrived and stomping around a bit more we decided to tackle the attic first.

What does this have to do with the beginning of the Kitchen?  With the attic in mind, I knew that there would be a need to start in other areas as well in order to get services (electrical and plumbing) up to the attic.  There were no services in the proposed Kitchen at the moment and the room above the Kitchen had also suffered a lot of water damage to the ceiling and floor (from a leaking chimney).  Anyway, so a stack of hydro and drainage through the Kitchen and up through the second floor room to the attic seemed to make sense and off I went with my demolition equipment to remove all barriers and crap.

The following pictures show early demolition and other beginning details.  The first two pictures are looking into the kitchen through the entry door from the other room.  There is a closet beside this entry door which I removed to open up the kitchen a bit more.  The second two pictures are then looking back through this same doorway from the kitchen (or looking at the tarp anyway).  The final two pictures are from both directions of the services running to the third floor.  The plumbing stack also runs beside the future second floor bathroom and will service that as well once I get to it.

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One Response to Kitchen Beginnings

  1. Christa Bisanz says:

    Why are you getting soooo smart sooo late?
    I hope you intend to put all of your adventure into a book. You have a nice style of writing.
    We are in Calabogie where we have been walking on water(frozen) with snowshoes. Lots of snow here but rain at home. I have been doing some research on behalf of your garden; you will need some ducks, chickens, and maybe a goat! You have the potential of being entirely self-suffienct in the food department. I know, more work for all!!!
    Love from Gran/Mom

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