Pond Discovery

Since arriving here 19 months ago most of the garden work has been uncovering what is there and “hacking” back the growth.  Recently, we have managed to start clearing the small plot of land we own on the other side of the river to the west of the house (lot 4 on the cadastre).  A small stream runs through the middle of this plot emptying into our river/brook.  We found a circular stone structure which used to have water in it.  We started excavating it and now plan to divert the small stream through it.  The kids are excited at the thought of fish.  Andrew and Arabella also have established a small mining company that will discover gold in the stream bed once we divert the water into the pond.  The pictures below progress from the beginning jungle to digging out the debris (and yes I am digging in February in nice soft earth as the ground does not freeze here)


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2 Responses to Pond Discovery

  1. Val says:

    Looks wonderful! Interesting to make new discoveries. Some advice tho is to research what fish are appropriate for the pond. You don’t want to release fish that could cause problems for the local ecosystem since they would have access to the stream.

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