Timber Frame

I joined a Timber Frame group on Linkedin and thought I would post some pictures of the timber trusses of our roof in the attic.  When we insulated and dry-walled this space the plan was to leave as much of the beams visible as possible.  I think anyone who appreciates the “timber frame” whether the whole house or just the roof trusses will enjoy these pictures.

In Paris the Musée Cognacq-Jay is a must see for the timber frame enthusiast.  It is a museum of 18th century art and is housed in the Hotel Donon in the Marais district (google it for more info if you like).  The reason I mention this museum is that the original roof timbers of the Hotel are visible from the attic storey and are remarkable and documented as some of the best beams in Paris.  So, stop by and see this museum (even if you aren’t an art enthusiast), the walk to the attic is worth it.

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One Response to Timber Frame

  1. Dorothy DesRoches says:

    A grand adventure for sure! These are pictures which should impress any timber truss fan. I hope you get a great response from people who know about these details.

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