A New Kitchen in 2011 – Almost

If you have been wondering what we have been up to lately – aside from the fact that we have 50,000 jobs started…

I was really trying to finish the new Kitchen (North east corner of the house if you go back and look at the house plans) for Christmas or New Years.  Well, almost there.  The mechanicals (plumbing, heating and electrical) are all functioning and the cabinetry is 98% in.  I have to finish some trim work and, as they say in Australia, the “skirting” boards (in Canada, we use a more manly term of “base boards”), a little bit of painting and fix up the fireplace.  I will post more details later as to what we did, how it looked half way through, but for now, a picture taken by Hilary (my daughter for those who don’t know her) on day of closing back in April 2010 and one taken from the same angle just the other night.

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