Hands on Learning

For those of you who don’t know, we home-school our children.  Elizabeth does most of the lessons but occassionally I get a chance to provide some instruction.  Elizabeth has become a true professional in this area – she is well researched on techniques and curriculum.  This particular lesson involved ratios (water to powder mix), tool safety (operating the drill mixer), eye hand coordination (minimizing trowel marks), balancing and cooperation.

Plus, it always nice to have someone to hand me the trowel when I drop it.

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2 Responses to Hands on Learning

  1. Matthew Clarke says:

    Hi Mate,

    I can`t believe you have the kids at it now!!! I hope that you are paying them minimum wage and declaring all tax!!!!

    Also i don`t see any hard hats or hi vis jackets…….typically french….Tres Bon.

    It looks like the kitchen will be ready for christmas??!!

    • I thought minimum wage for this set was three meals a day and a warm bed to sleep in!? And aren’t the hi vis jackets for the car?
      Plans are to cook the christmas turkey in the new kitchen – stay tuned.

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