House Plans

I was reviewing the posts the other day and realized that although there are lots of inside and outside pictures, there is no description or floor plan layout.

So here it is, the house on paper.  Notice that it is 12m by 12m.  A very symmetrical house – where there is a fireplace on the first floor there is a fireplace above it and also in the attic (during my attic renovations I closed off the 4 fireplaces there as they were very small and required some work to make functional – We thought the 10 fireplaces below would be sufficient).

Some things to note.  Not shown is the basement – essentially it is the whole size of the house with a ground level walk-in on the east side of the house.  The house faces south.  The cuisine and the petite salle a manger do not exist yet as that is where I am working at the present.  The bureau on the south west corner of the house is where the current kitchen/family room is.  On the premier etage both salle de bains do not exist yet.  The existing bathroom is on the west side where the placard is shown (see also the little box numbered 19).  The numbered boxes on each drawing are the locations for our infra-red heating panels.  Click below to view.

40 rue de Penthievre floor plansREVISED Scoffield

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