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New Patio and Driveway

Amazing what a simple load of gravel can accomplish!  The gravel came from a local quarry and is not grey, but rather a yellow colour which matches the house.  We needed a bit more than the truck load to finish, so … Continue reading

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Hands on Learning

For those of you who don’t know, we home-school our children.  Elizabeth does most of the lessons but occassionally I get a chance to provide some instruction.  Elizabeth has become a true professional in this area – she is well … Continue reading

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House Plans

I was reviewing the posts the other day and realized that although there are lots of inside and outside pictures, there is no description or floor plan layout. So here it is, the house on paper.  Notice that it is … Continue reading

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In France, Hallowe’en is not quite the event that it is in North America.  Very low key, especially in the smaller villages.  However, this year we did have about 11 kids come to the door, which in a town with … Continue reading

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