Lifting the Canadian Way

Before the work started in our attic I helped Monté and Josh haul drywall and other stuff into their second floor.  Sadly the stairwell at Monté’s house does not allow for a sheet of anything to go up it.  So, Monté valiantly made a pulley system – sorry Monté but I have to mention here that your system didn’t work out and we went with a simple rope and gloves type set up, but not a bad effort for a Lawyer.  With me on the sidewalk manning the rope, Josh on the second floor guiding stuff past the street light and Monté on the third providing the brains of the operation we managed to lift drywall into his home for his second and third floor renovations.  I lost count of the number of sheets after 20 over the course of a few different visits.  So, now a view as to how I and perhaps many other Canadians like to lift drywall and such into a house.  Go figure that I was guiding the stuff in through the door and while I stepped away to take the pictures the window got broken.  Thankfully it was due for replacement anyway.

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2 Responses to Lifting the Canadian Way

  1. Don’t forget to mention that these fabulous pictures were taken by Andrew (who was 6 years old at the time ! Talk about home-school !!!)


  2. Dorothy DesRoches says:

    Incredible! And I got the benefit of sleeping in the clean, white attic… a result of the lovely drywall installation. Dorothy

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