Fabulous Weather

This is a bit of a mixed story as I will tell you how nice the weather has been here lately and also compare the beach we visit with some recent pictures to our visit last year around this time.

Anyway, last year Monette told us about a lovely quiet beach just north of us.  Although the beaches at Erquy are nice, the beaches at Les Hopitaux are just as nice and a lot less crowded (you can google map both places if you like).

So, she dropped in on Friday afternoon and it was about 30 degrees outside.  She was wondering why I was working and not at the beach.  Fair enough question, so off we went.  The slide show below shows the beach and just for fun I snuck a few pictures from last September when we were there for the first time.  The water levels are quite different (higher last year) although Elizabeth seems to have the same problems with the crowds.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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One Response to Fabulous Weather

  1. Eileen hutton says:

    Wow the beach look SOOOO nice. It doesnt look crouded at all either!! Great pic.s of the family! Lv Aunt Eileen

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