House Bath

Going back to October 2010 – we had been here about 3 months.  Some guys showed up in a small truck (and a short 8 foot or 2.5m ladder on top) and showed me some magic product that would remove the grime and mould on the outside of the house.  Actually Elizabeth did most of the talking as my French was non-existent then.  Anyway, the test area looked good and after some price negotiation we fixed a price and they said that they would be back the next day.  I told them they would need a bigger ladder than the one they had on the truck – they just did not understand my humour yet.

Anyway, the slide show is the result of the bath showing before and after.   A number of people have since commented that they thought we had painted the house – thankfully no as this way was much more affordable.  The end result made us feel 3,000 % better about the appearence of the house and perhaps restored it’s outside presence to it’s former glory.

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5 Responses to House Bath

  1. Eileen Hutton says:

    fantastic!! tecknology is just great!! Will what a wonderfull way for us all to share in your adventure…I need a few pictures of your little princess too! say Hi to Elizabeth and Andrew for us and let him know we were impressed by the bench..[he’s a chip off the old block!! haha] Love aunt Eileen

  2. Matthew Clarke says:

    What a beautiful house you have, although the railings to the front balcony could do with some work!!! Jugon Les Lacs looks a amazing place to live……… What are the neighbours like???!!!!

    Hope your all well and Elizabeth enjoyed her trip.


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