Monté Benches

Monté (pronounced “Montay”)  took his old flooring from his attic renovation and made some really nice benches with it.  They are nicely made and send a message to all who pass by to “sit down, take a break, say hello and enjoy a drink or two”.  Monté very kindly gave one to us (and a number of other town folk) for our back patio.  The first picture shows Monté, Andrew and I doing just what they were designed for (I forget who was serving the lemons at the time).


Anyway, the “bench bug” also seems to have bitten Andrew as well.  He decided on his own the design and construction of the “Andrew Bench” as can be seen below.

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One Response to Monté Benches

  1. Frank & Judy says:

    It is great to hear from you Will. I look forward to following along during your French Adventure!

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