Guerilla Carpentry

A few bits and pieces, a few basic tools (instead of fancy jigs, dust collectors, shop layouts to die for, plans done in 3d etc etc) and voila, a useful “thing” off the cuff and off the floor (because I cut the pieces off the dirt floor in the basement, not on a sawhorse or bench).

So, if you frequent the Brocantes in France (or junk shops anywhere perhaps) you will notice either behind it or at the side a pile of “stuff”.  Pieces of lumber, furniture bits etc etc.  If you are a frequent customer, chances are your access to this pile is free and you can take what you want.  Also, some of these pieces are just nice wood like oak or maple and can be cut or whatever to suit the need (environmentally friendly too).

So, I did.  I needed or wanted a work bench “thing” for the little outbuilding.  I have had no formal storage or shelving in this building since we arrived here.  I had been contemplating buying some cheapy pine thing from the local DIY shops for about 20 euros.

So, the pictures show the results of my work – about 2 hours – with a circular saw, a tape measure, a impact driver and a drill.  An oak piece from the discard pile at our favorite brocante for free (circa 19th century, perhaps earlier), a shelf board from the top part of this piece (I couldn’t fit the whole thing in the trailer at the time – perhaps I’ll go back for it) and some wood from Monty’s (the Australian) interior walls that he ripped down (circa 1965).

Guerilla carpentry indeed!

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One Response to Guerilla Carpentry

  1. John Edgar says:

    Hey Will: Looks great. you have done some marvelous work and some time soon I would like to come over and see it. I saw Mark last fall which was fun to Catch up. I can’t believe how fast time flies.
    Keep in touch. John Edgar

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