Working in Metric

I originally thought that working in a metric world would be difficult.  I went to help Monty, Josh and Ben (the “Australians”) construct their new beams and floors for their attic.  I took my trusty Imperial measuring tape.  I was measuring for a support peice of lumber and I called out 3 feet, 2 and 1/2 inches “short”.  Monty looked at me and asked “What the hell is that, and how does one cut 2 1/2 inches short?” – I’ve actually done it quite often by mistake.  Anyway, he proceeded to tell me how he works in the smallest measurement – millimetres.  There is no “short” or “long” in millimetres, something is either 459 millimetres or 460 millimetres – pretty hard to be in-between.  Anyway, since then I have ditched my “2×4” thinking and now measure in centimetres and millimetres (lumber in France is cut in centimetres).

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