Starting at the top

The idea was to “improve” or renovate the grenier or attic first.  This would accomplish two things.  One is the insulation of the roof which in any house is a huge source of heat loss and as you can see, ours is totally uninsulated.  Two is to give us a space in which to live that would be above all the other dust and construction activities rather than in the middle of it or below it.

We hired a contractor to do this for us for a number of reasons, but mostly so that I could “view and learn” french construction techniques and also so that the job would actually get done in a reasonable time frame (have I mentioned that it took me 5 years to complete the renovation of the kitchen of the Toronto home).

Below is the same view above completed.  A slide show of the attic work will be posted shortly (I type this post from my new office location at the head of the stairs overlooking the whole attic – the view and feeling is exhilarating)

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