Welcome to our adventure.  We decided to take on a little restoration project and add a foreign language in the mix just to keep it interesting.  Yes, we were inspired by all those shows on HGTV and BBC, particularly “Build a New Life in the Country”.

Why France?  Did you notice the picture of the house?  Why not?

We found the prices for properties in France to be quite reasonable (especially if a roof is optional).  One can also find properties in France that vary considerably as to the amount of work needed or not needed.  So, we set out to find a structure that was atleast standing and sound yet would need a little more than above average amount of work.  Something we could live in whilst we worked.

We ended up looking in Britagne because our search parameters of “18th century or earlier”, land size (atleast 1 acre), resoration needs and price bracket brought us to houses in this area.  Also, we wanted to be close to Paris, near the ocean and easily accesible to Brittain.

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